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How to Attract Your Dream Guy on the First Date

According to Statistic Brain Research Institute (2015), fifty-one percent of single Americans believe that flattery is the best way to attract someone, 25% of single Americans believe that flirting is an effective way to let someone know you are interested in him or her. So, you finally have a date with the man of your…

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How to Attract a Woman on an Online Dating Site

According to the Pew Research Center (2015), one-in-five online daters have asked someone else to help them with their profile. Are you new to the online world of dating? If so, you are definitely NOT alone. In fact, there are thousands, if not millions, of “newbies” entering this arena every day. Why do most people…

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Dating & Relationships: How to Know When It’s Time to Throw in the Towel

You are frustrated, angry, confused and heartbroken, so when should you throw in the towel in a relationship? You don’t want to “give up” on something that could be the “perfect” relationship, but you also don’t want to stay in a dead-end coupling that is on a one way track to nowhere. So, what do…

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How Beneficial Is Pre-Marital Counseling?

Divorce rates are escalating at an alarming rate. According to Colorado State University (2014), approximately half of 1st marriages end in divorce, and subsequent marriages (i.e. 2nd and 3rd marriages) fail at a significantly high rate. Why? Well, probably because more and more people are choosing to forgo pre-marital counseling, before getting married, because they…

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What are the Top 5 Issues that Most Couples Argue About?

According to Colorado State University (2014), approximately 50% of 1st marriages end in divorce. In addition, subsequent marriages (i.e. 2nd and 3rd marriages) tend to fail at a higher rate than 1st marriages. Furthermore, out of the 50% of people, who remain in the marriage, most report being dissatisfied. A recent study on relationships found…

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How to Stay Safe While Online Dating

According to Statistics Brain (2014), approximately 41,000,000 people have tried online dating at one point in time. So, if you decide to partake in this form of dating, you are definitely not alone. In fact, you are probably lonely, bored, and frustrated, which is why you are seriously considering online dating. You just do not…

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Creative Ideas for a First Date

Going on a first date can be both exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. Where should you go? What should you do? Should you play it causal or should you make it more romantic? The questions, and the doubts can be overwhelming, to say the least. You want to make a good impression –…

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Eight Keys to a Happy Marriage

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (2002), approximately 75% of American women are married by age 30. However, probability of a first marriage ending within 10 years is approximately 33% (CDC, 2002). Most people have specific ideas of what it means to be “married,” however those notions are not always accurate.…

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How To Get Your Spouse To Give Your Marriage Another Chance

According to Divorce Magazine (2008), the average age of a first divorce is approximately 30 years old, while the average age of a second divorce is approximately 39. Moreover, approximately 10% of Americans are divorced. Getting married is both exciting and terrifying. If you have never been married, it is impossible to know what to…

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What To Expect When Attending Couple’s Counseling

Well, congratulations – you are on the right path towards repairing your relationship. In fact, your proactive stance is probably going to save your “coupling.” Things may seem rough right now, but with the help of a couple’s counselor, things will soon start looking up for you and your partner. Truth-be-told, it is not easy…

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The Emotional Effects of Marital Debt

It is a known fact that money (i.e. shortage and surplus) can significantly affect a marriage. This is especially true when the couple faces substantial marital debt. Not having enough money to adequately support your family can wreak havoc on both your emotional and physical health and well-being. In some cases, the debt can draw…

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How to Successfully Move On With Your Life Once Your Relationship Ends

Some breakups you can spot a mile away, while others hit you like a ton of bricks – literally. Regardless of the circumstances, breakups are never painless. If you think about it, when you break up with someone your whole life changes – from the places you used to visit, to the friends that you…

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