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Coping with Loneliness After the Loss of a Spouse

According to the Holmes & Rahe Stress Scale (2016), the loss (death) of a spouse is the most stressful and painful event that a person experiences. Truth-be-told, losing someone you love is hard…really hard. And, grieving is one of the hardest, most depressing events that you have to experience. You don’t have a choice, you…

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Loneliness: The Effects of Being Elderly and Alone

According to University of California: San Francisco (2016), Forty-three percent of older adults feel lonely, although only 18% actually live alone. Loneliness is a mixture of emptiness, sadness, and isolation. More specifically, it creeps into your life and causes health issues, psychological distress, and emotional pain. Anyone, of any age, ethnicity, religion, educational status, economic…

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Fun Ways to Boost Your Self-Confidence

According to the College Foundation of North Carolina (2016), self-confident people are more successful in all areas of their lives. Conversely, the most successful people tend to have the highest levels of self-confidence. Most people are not born with an abundance of self-confidence…I mean it’s not like a baby comes out of the womb ready…

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How to Prevent Technology from Destroying Your Love Life

Sixty-six percent of American adults, who are either married or in committed relationships, report that cell phones, the Internet, and/or social media websites play a significant role in their lives (Lenhart & Duggan, 2014). Are you having a hard time meeting Mr. or Miss Right? No…? Okay, well, do you find it challenging to maintain…

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How to Successfully Move Past an Old Relationship So You Can Embrace a New One

Most couples break up between the third and fifth month of their relationships (right when things start to get serious) and 40% of men are nervous about going on a first date with a potential partner due to past experiences (Lang, 2013). Are you currently going through a painful breakup or did you recently experience…

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How to Successfully Handle Workplace Cliques

Approximately 80% of employees (at all levels) experience or have experienced workplace cliques and 40% of employees feel that their supervisors/managers do not address these cliques and allow them to run rampant (Jagoda, 2013). Do you remember the cliques that infiltrated your high school? The “Nerds,” “Cool Kids,” “The Rebels,” “The Cheerleaders and Jocks,” and…

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Finding the Right Life Partner

Finding the Right Life Partner The person, who is attracted to you because of your pretty face or nice body won’t be beside you forever. But, the person, who can see how beautiful your heart is, will never leave you! ~Anonymous One of the hardest things to do in this life is to find the…

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How to Have the BEST Sex in Your Committed Relationship

How to Have the BEST Sex in Your Committed Relationship Sarah Jio, a journalist from Woman Day magazine reports that 48% of Americans (male and female) are highly satisfied with their sex life. Being in a committed relationship definitely has its perks, but, unfortunately it also has some disadvantages too. And, while it’s great to…

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How to Successfully Bond with Your Step Child

How to Successfully Bond with Your Step Child According to The Step Family Foundation (2016), approximately 50% of children, under the age of 13, live with one biological parent and his or her current partner.  It is not always easy to enter into a relationship with someone, who already has a child. Why? Well, because…

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How to Weed Through the Muck of Relationship Conflicts

How to Weed Through the Muck of Relationship Conflicts According to the Couple’s Connection (2016), 51% of couples feel that one of their major relationship conflicts is finances. There is nothing worse than arguing with the person you love. You’re right, your partner is right, but, regardless of who is actually right, you are both…

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Jumping Out of the Frying Pan into the Fire: Going from Dating to a Full-Fledge Relationship

According to Statistic Brain Research Institute (2015), 56% Americans are involved in committed relationships, while 44% claim to be single. Are you contemplating whether or not to move to the next step? Yes, no, maybe? Have you been dating a while, but are somewhat afraid of changing the dynamics in your relationship? If so, don’t…

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Mid-Life Dating: What to Look For and What to Flee From

The man of my dreams might walk round the corner tomorrow. I’m older and wiser, and I think I’d make a great girlfriend. I live in the realm of romantic possibilities. ~Stevie Nicks Truth-be-told, dating at any age can be quite taxing; however dating when you are 40 years old or older can be downright…

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