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Jeff Wright, LMFT San Francisco

Jeff Wright, LMFT

Jeff Wright is co-owner of UpLift Therapy. He is also a California Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (MFC41427) with over 20 years experience helping self-motivated individuals & couples create and enjoy happy, successful lives, careers and relationships.

In his work as a therapist, Jeff offers a solution-focused, forward-looking, results-oriented approach and simple practical tools that you can put to immediate use to begin improving the quality of your life, work and relationships.

He is respectful, friendly, non-judgmental, non-oppositional and non-pathologizing. He sees the path of self-healing as one of complete personal responsibility. His style is clear, kind, loving and direct. He offers a safe, collaborative therapy environment where you can build on existing strengths to appreciably improve the quality of your life, relationships and career.

Whether you are struggling with current circumstances, would like to heal long-standing unhelpful thought/behavior patterns, address past traumas or are feeling good and simply want more out of life, Jeff Wright can help you efficiently and effectively navigate your path of self-healing and create a more joyous, connected, fulfilling and successful life.

Jeff lives among the redwood trees of West Marin County, CA with his wife and daughter. He is co-founder and President of Medicine Path Native American Church, Berkeley, CA. He is a community leader, business owner and mentor. Past experience as a laborer, schoolteacher, bartender, mental health practitioner, athlete and devotee of the martial arts also informs his work.

Location in the Marina, San Francisco


  • Depression / Anxiety / Panic
  • Work stress
  • Loss of meaning / Drive / Focus
  • Life transitions, Grief / Loss
  • Mid-life Issues
  • Anger / Resentment
  • Addiction / Recovery
  • Overwhelm
  • Singles and Dating
  • Premarital Counseling
  • Marriage Counseling
  • Affairs / Infidelity
  • Divorce Counseling (Individuals & Couples)
  • Co-Parenting Counseling

Reviews for Jeff Wright, LMFT

"Jeff is a no nonsense, incredibly wise therapist who can hold you with strength and immense calm. He has a huge heart and creates a deep sense of safety. If you want support from a gentle and powerful, wise, masculine presence and get clarity on your most direct path to happiness, I highly recommend seeing him."

- Amanda J.

"Jeff is one of my favorite people. He has helped me through some serious life transitions and always helps to put things in perspective. One of the things I love the most about Jeff is that he is all about healing yourself up to be the happiest person you can be. Not necessarily "fixing" anything, but accepting yourself, finding yourself, and if change is necessary, helping you make changes that you want to make.  His attitude and office space are both extremely welcoming and comfortable - every time I walk into his space I just feel a sigh of relief and immediately feel less stressed out  - plus, he always has a full box of tissues on hand. "

- Mikaela H.

"Jeff has helped me through tough times. He helped me transition through a part of my life when I felt very 'stuck'. He simplified all the complicated, rats nest thoughts I had running through my mind and he helped me see that my emotions would not kill me (despite what I said). I loved when Jeff would tell me: 'When the new sanity becomes as comfortable as the old insanity was, you will know a new peace.' "

- Mikaela H.

"I have had the privilege of sitting with Jeff on numerous occasions, and his wisdom has stayed close to my heart. He speaks in a uniquely clear way that I can always understand with ease, and his carefully chosen words have helped me to be a better person. I feel blessed to have access to a person like Jeff."

- Tara L.

"Jeff Wright saved my marriage. After seeing another counselor for a year, then being miserable in our relationship for another year, we finally went to see Jeff on the brink of divorce. Less than one year later, we have a solid, loving relationship devoid of resentment and based on real intimacy, love and admiration. We no longer see him for marriage counseling and my husband actually misses him. This from a man who never wanted to go to counseling in the first place."

- Kathi S.

"I benefited from Jeff's presence before he said anything. It was very reassuring. I always felt safer when I saw him. In time, when I heard how he shared his wisdom, I felt a growing strength in me. I learnt a lot from him as a human being, because of the human being he is, as much in the space between words as in the ideas transmitted. "

- Andrew F.