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Courtney Collier LMFT UpLift Therapy Group Therapist in Newport Beach, CA Individual and couples counseling
Courtney Collier LMFT Newport Beach

Courtney Collier, LMFT

Courtney Collier is a California Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (50882).

She offers counseling to individual adults and couples at her office in Newport Beach, California and online counseling via phone or video.

Courtney Collier is co-owner of UpLift Therapy. She is also a California Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (50882 ) with over 16 years experience offering counseling to individual adults and couples.

Within the frame of a safe, contemplative environment a therapeutic relationship can help in exploring deep life concerns and assist you in developing a greater sense of personal satisfaction in many areas of your life. As a therapist, I attempt to create a supportive setting where my clients explore a wide range of issues-emotional, interpersonal, psychological, spiritual, as well as exploring practical relationship tools for couples.

My personal experience and years of clinical work as a therapist offer my clients a diverse range of counseling expertise and insight . It is my hope that our work together will contribute to your capacity to create deeply satisfying relationships in which mutual respect, honesty, and joyful expression are valued.

Location in Newport Beach, CA


  • Childhood Physical & Sexual Abuse
  • Eating Disorders
  • Parenting Issues
  • Codependent Behaviors
  • Love Addiction
  • Body Image Issues
  • LGBTQ Issues
  • Depression & Anxiety/Stress Management
  • Difficult Family Relationships
  • Trauma Recovery
  • Divorce/Separation
  • Couples Counseling & Premarital Counseling

Reviews for Courtney Collier, LMFT

"I've looked for many therapists in my life and they never felt like they were right for me, then I found Courtney. She is so down to earth and relatable...I immediately felt as ease. Not only that, she is super inquisitive & offers actual skills to work on when you're not in the therapy office. I felt like she truly supported my healing in such a heartfelt way."

- Madison M.

"I immediately felt at ease with Courtney even though I was anxious to share in therapy at first. She helped me grow so much as a person and has worked with me on strategies that I still use everyday. She is a relatable, warm, and non-judgemental person. Every session (whether I was dreading or wanting to go that particular day) ends with me feeling clearheaded and glad I went. Courtney offers great guidance and perspective if you are open to her insight and honest with yourself. I trust her."

- Sidney S.

"Her no-nonsense approach was exactly what we needed when my boyfriend & I both felt like we could really use a third-party intervention. Courtney helped us see that what we where fighting about wasn't necessarily about the content, but about much deeper needs both of us had. Knowing this, we now can have meaningful and productive conversations that often have a good outcome."

- Carrie L.

"Courtney has such incredible intuition and insight. She helped me through a time of self-discovery and was monumental in helping me make relationship choices that were right for ME. I was able to find clarity in what I really needed and wanted. I always left her office feeling renewed and clear headed - and the strength I got from my work with her STILL resonates throughout all aspects of my life."

- Debra N.

"I started seeing Courtney 3 years ago when I was struggling with relationship issues, work issues...etc. Not only did she help me understand the root of my suffering & where all my crap came from but she helped me develop new skills, new ways of walking through my life. I feel like I've moved into adulthood and she guided this process so skillfully. She is so easy to talk to, down to earth, present, and I know she will be honest with me. Life changing therapist!"

- Sharon G.