Insurance Questions

  • Does UpLift Therapy accept insurance?

    No. UpLift Therapists are out-of-network healthcare providers. We do not work directly with any insurance providers and are not directly covered by any insurance plans.

    You will pay your therapist’s full fee via debit/credit card at time of service.

  • Can I get reimbursed by my insurance provider?

    Perhaps. UpLift Therapy is partnered with Patch (, an online insurance management service for out-of-network healthcare providers.

    Using Patch, your UpLift Therapist can determine whether you are eligible to be reimbursed by your insurance provider. For your convenience, we can also submit reimbursement claims to your insurance provider on your behalf. Ask your therapist about out-of-network insurance coverage.

  • Are there any other resources that can help me pay for individual or couples counseling?

    You may also pay us using your flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA) provided by your employer. Ask your UpLift Therapist for details. Contact your human resources department to find out whether you qualify and to learn about tax savings or other benefits.