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Relationships: the pursuer and distancer

Learn about the push-pull effect of the pursuer and distancer and some instruction on how to change for the better. Video Transcription Hi, it’s Sevin Philips. I’m here to talk about a relationship dynamic between the distancer and pursuer. Most people fall somewhere in between where you want to see your partner sometimes and you…

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Codependency Redefined

There are many definitions used to talk about codependency today. In the past, the word codependency was overused, becoming a definition for a person who is weak, passive, and needy in relationships. To the contrary codependent behavior is an attempt to manage your environment and relationships in order to feel safe and in control. Codependency…

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Losing Yourself in a Relationship

For most of us, the relationship ideal is to be in love, merge with, and dedicate oneself to another. A common vow which exemplifies this notion is “to be as one.” In this oneness many of us slowly lose ourselves, sacrificing our wants and desires to our partnership. I’m not writing this article to shoot…

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