Sevin Philips

Sevin Philips, LMFT

1968 - 2017

Sevin’s Legacy: Life is precious, what matters most is our personal freedom and deep connections with those we love.

Sevin Philips, MFT founded UpLift Therapy as The Relationship Counseling Center in 2009 with a vision of offering a relevant, accessible and helpful resource for healing both online and in local communities across the US.

Since that time, UpLift Therapy has worked to uphold Sevin’s intention:

  • We freely offer positive, dynamic and helpful psychoeducational content to our visitors at
  • We connect individuals and couples with professional licensed psychotherapists both online and in local communities nationwide.
  • We support the personal and professional development of the dedicated and gifted UpLift Therapists

In his own work as a private practice therapist in San Francisco, Sevin was known for his loving, practical, solution-focused approach to healing. He personally helped scores of people heal their lives and relationships.

In addition to his work as an entrepreneur and a clinician, Sevin Philips was a loving husband, an engaged and very FUN dad and a respected community leader.

Sevin lived his life fully engaged in his deeply held commitment to enjoy and provide for his family, contribute positively to the lives of the great many people he loved and who loved him and to act always in the service of love and healing.

Sevin passed away in January of 2017 after a brief and unexpected illness at the age of 48. This was a devastating loss. He was so full of life and so intimately connected to so many circles and communities. The loss cut deep and the healing that has emanated from his passing has been both humbling and profound. We are all grateful to have been touched by his big life and great love.

In the wake of Sevin’s passing, his wife Courtney Collier, LMFT has joined together with his friend and colleague Jeff Wright, LMFT to become co-owners of UpLift Therapy.

It is our great honor and privilege at UpLift Therapy to continue building on Sevin’s intention to offer high quality healing resources to our clients and ongoing professional support to the UpLift Therapists.

With the abiding joy of Sevin Phillips in our hearts, we move forward in the service of love.